3 Dishes To Try In The South Bay Weekend of Sept. 8 – 9 2018

Here are 3 dishes to try in the South Bay this weekend. They may not be the most popular and may be off the beaten path but we think you will like them.


-Gumbalaya is a combo of jambalaya and gumbo. And they go great together. $18. Rajun Cajun 525 S Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach.

Spicy Ground Beef

-Aaloo Qeema is marinated ground beef cooked in Indian spices with potatoes. $11.99 Al-Noor  15112 Inglewood Avenue, Lawndale.


-Homemade Lasagna is delicious in this pizza restaurant. $10.95. Paisanos Pizza 1132 Hermosa Avenue, Hermosa Beach