South Bay Businesses Staying Open

In the current state of COVID=19, many South Bay businesses are figuring out ways to remain open and relevant. And many are learning to pivot on the fly.

BrewPort Tap House in El Segundo had originally planned to stay open Thursday through Sunday. Early in the new climate they shifted to close on Sunday. They had decided it was a tough day for them to open the doors.

After revamping their menu, the company has had a change of plans. Two weeks ago it served up an uncooked steak along with veggies in a package to customers on Saturday. By the time they closed that day, they had sold out of the special. When they ran it the next week, they sold out in the middle of the afternoon. They were on to something.

With their new-found enthusiasm, they decided to take another shot at Sunday business with pre-made offerings as well as a limited menu. This is helping them to stay open.

Others have found some footing as well. Stuft Pizza, Jame Enoteca and Blue Butterfly Coffee Company have all manage to survive just to name a few.

In the non-food category, Nutrishop, located on the Pacific Coast Highway in El Segundo, is also finding ways to serve customers. They offer service to your car in the parking lot.

The one thing that all of the said companies have in common is the use of local social media. All have been posted aimed at customers here in the South Bay.

Not only are they letting customers know about current offers but also about open hours. With people sitting at home, it is more important than ever to let them know when a company is available.

Although surviving in the current climate, both the businesses and the consumers are hope this is all over soon. It is not only a question of when, but how will this unfold?

Many other businesses in the area are looking forward to staying open in the future as well.