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Volume 2 No 14

Welcome to the El Segundo Observer newsletter. The real inner workings and trends here in the Gundo.

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This issue we look at housing, dating, the library, Boeing and more!

El Segundo’s Future

Are you happy with the way that housing is in El Segundo? Well the city is looking for your help to shape the future.

On Tuesday, April 13, you are invited to join a virtual community workshop from 5:30 until 7 p.m.

The purpose will be to give input to help put a plan together to mold the city’s housing needs, values and priorities in the future.

More information can be found here.


Get Your Read On

The El Segundo Public Library is slowly opening the doors again. And this is great news for any of the readers in the group.

On Monday, April 12, the library will be open starting at 10 a.m. It will be for hourly reservations. Of course, safety protocols will be enforced.

The initial opening will be for browsing the collections, checkouts, use of computers and research. There will be a limit on the number of people in the building.

Library to Go and virtual services will carry on.

Runway Closures

LAX is reporting no new runway closures for March. This is great news for El Segundo as it means no added concentrated air traffic on top of what is already going on.

The airport is always a hot topic because of the noise that the planes bring. There is only one runway closed now. We are midway through a 68-day closure on a south, inbound runway.

The current closure is putting increased use on the other inbound strips. According to the airport it may cause some delay in over-ocean operations.

We recently wrote about El Segundo submitting a letter to the airport opposing expansion as the community didn’t want to hear any sort of increase in noise.

The current runway was closed at the end of February.

Dating Survey

We get a lot of press releases from companies and came across this one that we can’t resist as we move into yet another new tier.

It seems that www.testing.com put out a survey and found that coming out of the pandemic, 25 percent of people will want to see proof of a Covid vaccine before a first date with a potential partner.

It gets more interesting. . .23 percent of singles said they contracted Covid on a first date. And, 31 percent said that their break-up was caused by Covid safety protocols.

The timing of this is interesting as El Segundo moves into a new tier. Many have stayed indoors for much of the past year.

Something to think about as you get out and about. Be careful.

Boeing Jumps In

El Segundo’s Boeing is celebrating California STEM Signing Day for student of high schools in Los Angeles county.

Boeing is committed to programs focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. And it wants to recognize students who are into those things as well.

The company recognizes the need for talent in those areas. It wants to promote education as much as it can.

Students selected will be invited, along with their families, to a virtual ceremony. This will include Boeing corporate leaders, community partners and other guests.

Much like athletics, the students will sign a “letter of intent” to continue their STEM studies. They will also have the option of participating in the Boeing freshman mentorship program.

To qualify you should be a high school senior graduating in the spring of 2021. You can also watch for upcoming opportunities with Boeing.

More info can be found here.


Police Blotter

A number of batteries pinched from cars on the PCH. . .attempted murder and robbery report taken on East Sycamore. . .accident without injuries on El Segundo Blvd and Standard when the vehicle ran into the barriers. . .vandalism reported on Franklin and Main when a vehicle’s windows were knocked out. . .porch pirate on Imperial. . .two residential burglaries on West Imperial. . .felony evading report taken from East Mariposa and PCH. . .male busted on East Maple for outstanding warrant. . .hit and run on Hillcrest with a vehicle vs a parked car. . .felony vandalism on PCH when the back window of a vehicle was knocked out. . .theft by false pretenses on Virginia when a suspect tricked the victim into making a down payment for an apartment. . .seriously. . .porch pirate on Concord. . .male busted on Hawaii for drugs. . .a 2005 GMC truck stolen on Maple. . .dog bite on Sheldon. . .dog bite on Main. . .nice dog. . .sit. . .ouch. . .male arrested on Loma Vista for delaying and obstructing police. . .that is new.

Celebrate Local Food
Let’s do something different this week. How about chicken for breakfast at Farmer Boys?

Jump in to enjoy the Country Fried Chicken & Gravy Bowl for $6.39. Why not try something new in the morning?

They are located at 2161 El Segundo Blvd.



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