Three Dishes To Try In The South Bay This Weekend Oct 20-21 2018

Three Dishes To Try In The South Bay The Weekend of Oct 20-21 2018

Here are three dishes to try in the South Bay this weekend. They may not be the most popular and may be off the beaten path but we think you will like them.

Chili Verde

-Our favorite dish at this restaurant is the Pork Chili Verde with Sweet Corn Elote. The combination of the pork with the monterey jack cheese, chipotle cream, fancy pico and the lime & blue tortilla chips is amazing. $21.00. Sausal. 219 Main St., El Segundo

Chicken Soup

-Lemon chicken soup with roasted chicken, rice and herbs. They get it just right. $3.49 for a bowl. Daphne’s. 2700 Marine Ave. #109, Redondo Beach.


-Pick any one of the large variety of some of the best bagels in LA. These have a real NYC taste. Panera Bread. 1511 Hawthorne Blvd., Redondo Beach.

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